Golden gates housing trust

GGHT Details & Commitments

Contact details
Website: http:
Tel: 01925 452452
Public address
Golden Gates Housing Trust, Bank Park House, Kendrick Street, Warrington, WA1 1UZ
Aims & activities
Golden Gates Housing Trust (GGHT) is a Registered Housing Provider with the HCA. GGHT is primarily engaged in providing general needs housing accommodation for rent. The Trust's vision is to be a leading housing provider which offers quality homes and neighbourthoods where people want to live. We aim to achieve high satisfaction, improve the quality of life and be a leader in energy efficiency.
What the charity does
The advancement of health or saving of lives
The prevention or relief of poverty
Amateur sport
Economic/community development/employment
Who the charity helps
Elderly/old people
People with disabilities
Other defined groups
How the charity works
Provides buildings/facilities/open space
Provides services
Provides advocacy/advice/information
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16 Aug 2017

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